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The Learship Challenge workcamp CSDS EyeOpenerWorks

Hey youngster, do you often find yourself concerned about these questions:

What is my dream?

What holds me back?

How can I make a positive change for my life and in the world with what I love to do?

If the answer is yes, then you are the one who we are looking forward to working with. In this two-day workcamp, you can develop powerful skills to become a leader of your own life even more. No boring lectures, everything is learning by doing, using wisdom and powerful methodologies from around the globe.

There are very successful social entrepreneurs and trainers from around the world in the room to support you with that. Please find more details by clicking on proper titles below.

Why was this program created?

searching for ideasWith the passion of contributing to youth development in Vietnam, CSDS are connecting with many organizations in other countries such as The Netherlands, Italia, Sweden, Poland, China, etc, not only to send young staff and volunteers abroad to learn by doing, but also to bring great ideas and non-formal education programs from other countries into Vietnam so that more people can benefit from them. Two of our latest programs are I COMMIT 1 and Knowmads Hanoi

At the same time, Henrik and his colleges in The Netherlands have been directly involved in more than one hundred civil society start-ups in over fifteen countries, most prominently Bosnia, Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Ethiopia, India, Israel/Palestine, Kenya, Kosovo, Laos, Madagascar, Mali, Netherlands, Serbia, South-Africa, Sudan, Suriname, Uganda, Vietnam. Part of that work is that they trained and coached over 500 (young) professionals in intensive training- and coaching programs of four months, developing social enterprises. They have successfully established five running organizations active in the area of civil society development and social business start-ups (EyeOpenerWorks, Verbeter de Wereld, Made@Home, Nature Quest, Sum of Parts).

Working together, CSDS and EyeOpenerWorks share the same observation that many students are in need of learning in a more creative way for self-development, instead of just following lectures and instructions provided at their schools. That is why The Leadership Challenge Workcamp was built as a journey for young people with ambition to become leaders who can make change happen in their own context and beyond.


Program overview

Date: 22 & 23/3/2014

Location: Ba Vi Ecological Center, Ba Vi, Ha Noi.

Overview of Ba Vi Ecological Center

Overview of Ba Vi Ecological Center

Organizers: CSDS Vietnam as the program host & EyeOpenerWorks (The Netherlands) as the content designer.

Number of participants: 40-60

EyeOpenerWorks has designed, tested, implemented and combined several participatory methodologies. They consider developing relevant, participatory and user-friendly tools as one of the main challenges in the international development field; tools that are self-explanatory, fun and bottom-up.

Having worked with over 500 people in intensive coaching programs they have created experience on what it means to create specific impact. For example, a start-up they coached inspired hundreds of restaurants to develop delicious vegetarian alternatives, attractive to customers. Another initiative inspired more than thousand people to significantly and specifically reduce their ecological footprint in daily life. Initiatives like these prove to be life changing and often result in long-term behavior change


What does it take to be a leader?

We believe the training cycle should be about discovering who you are, what your talents are, what gives you energy; about the courage to make choices and about the entrepreneurial mindset needed to realize your ambitions. In order to empower leaders for global justice during the challenge, we will work with the participants on three levels:

Who are you?

We support participants to find out what drives them and what they see as core values in their lives. We challenge participants to discover their core qualities and to build on them.

What do you want?

Following Stephen Covey’s “beginning with the end in mind” we support participants to visualize in various ways what world citizenship means for them, what inspires them and what they see as their role.

How do you get there?

With a pragmatic and hands-on approach we support participants to make their visions (even more) concrete and applicable. Tools we may use are the business-model canvas, lean project management or so-called coaching for results techniques (Theory U). We use appreciative inquiry to support participants to build on successful experiences of the past. We will build on participant’s political- and persuasion skills they need to create support amongst peers and fellow-citizens.


Henrik Looij – Life Coach; Founder at EyeOpenerWorks; Master of International Development Studies

Henrik Looij

Henrik is passionate about life- and entrepreneurial skills in a ‘glocal’ world. He has a background in scientific research (Human Geography and Planning) and in training/coaching. Work experiences and contacts in over 20 countries are a continuous source of inspiration for who he is and what he does.

Next to consultancy work he is currently partner in four social enterprises. 
It is his strong believe that everyone can do something to change the world for the better, it’s just a matter of beginning. 
Specialties include social and sustainable entrepreneurship, life skills training and coaching, youth organization, international development cooperation, sports and development, participatory monitoring and evaluation.

Roos Moll – Independent trainer; Partner at Nature Quest; Program maker at Mozeshuis

Roos MollRoos has 9 years of experience in the field of (international and intercultural) training, coaching and consulting, with a focus on leadership and personal development. With a master degree in Public Administration she always works in a field where she can combine her training experience for young people with her social focus on the world. She believes in the strength of people and loves to create new opportunities and connections to create a better world.


Hang Le – Master of Development Studies, University of Melbourne; Lecturer at International Schools, Vietnam National University – Hanoi

Le Thi Thu HangHang Le is a multi-skilled development practitioner who likes to challenge herself in various fields. Hang has had work experience with a wide range of organizations from bilateral donor to multilateral donor, non-governmental organization, consulting firm, media agency and academic institutions including Almec Corporation, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Japan International Cooperation Agency, the University of Melbourne, Media Tenor International, Towards Transparency, the World Bank and some other partners. Her expertise includes project design and coordination, youth leadership, facilitation, mentoring and coaching, training, marketing, public relations, fundraising, event organization and communications.

Being passionate about personal and community development, beside her professional jobs, Hang has taken lead and participated in many volunteer activities to help raise fund for disadvantaged children and to promote youth activism for positive change. She is co-founder of the Circle of Friends – a youth led volunteer organization in Hanoi, former President of Melbourne Overseas Vietnamese Student Association and active members of various networks.

Huan Nguyen – Bachelor of International Studies, Youth Development Program coordinator at CSDS

Huan NguyenHuan has 5 years working in Youth empowerment and capacity building. His passion is that he would like to work with young people for their personal growth together with social changes. Since 2009, Huan has attended many programs and workcamps in Vietnam and other countries as a partcipant, trainer, facilitator: Intercultural Approaches to Environmental Sustainability in Cambodia and Thailand; Empowering Youth Leaders With Tools for Europe-Asia Volunteer Management; MTV( Mid Term Volunteer program) in Finland; Non-formal Education Methods in Estonia ; I COMMIT1 in Vietnam; Knowmads Hanoi.


Program details

The Leadership Challenge is a journey with different phases. We use the model of the ‘heroic journey’ as an inspiration; this is the journey that every hero goes through. This is a model that links personal transformation to creating impact in one’s environment. Participants will enjoy a 2-day trip full of new friends, exciting acitities and unforgettable memories in a green and environment-friendly space

Day 1: Home (Knowing who you are on a deeper level)

In the morning we invite you to look at yourselves: Who are you? What are your talents? What are your shadow sides?

During the second phase we focus on knowing what you want to achieve and create in the world and how you can get there.

Activities in this phase:

  • Focusing on their dreams and goals for your local context, making them specific and out-of-the-box.
  • Leadership and persuasion/inspiration skills

Thematic focus: we offer new perspectives on leadership, change and the development sector. We decide the content together with the participants.

Day 2: The Big Shift (Overcoming obstacles, Bringing reflection and action together)

On this day we support you to translate their experiences with working on their initiative into deeper insights. We support you to formulate these new insights and to translate them into action.

Activities in this phase:

  • The Art of Change: a ceremony with steps and skills that you will remind for the rest of your life.
  • Learning self-coaching techniques that support your journey when the going gets tough.

Celebration of achieved results

Other activities: networking, camp-fire, team building games.

Who can join this journey?

Students and young professionals from 18-30 years old, who want to understand and develop yourselves, are invited to apply for this workcamp

Participants should have good ability of communicating in English.

What can you get from this workcamp?
  • A certificate signed by CSDS
  • A chance to increase your self-confidence, to understand and manage your true potential better and to gain experience from international facilitators.
  • A network of 40-50 other youngsters and our facilitators.
  • Maximum 5 participants will be offered internship position at CSDS and gain all the benefits as other interns of CSDS do (working subsidy, network with local and international volunteers and partners of CSDS, opportunities of sending abroad, learning by doing).
  • Maximum 10 participants will be offered volunteer position at CSDS and gain all the benefits as other volunteers of CSDS do (learning by organizing many campaigns, free training, opportunities of sending abroad).
  • 3 participants will be offered free humanitour with SDC (ayouth club powered by CSDS). (Read about some of the tours here)
  • A short video (30s – 1.5 mins) of you before and after this journey, for your own reflection.
Your responsibilities
  • Attend full program from morning of 22nd until afternoon of 23rd,March 2014. Prepare personal stuff such as medicine, bring your own food if you are on a special diet on these two day. Organizers will provide 3 main meals (2 on the 22nd and 1 on the 23rd) and water.
  • Be active during the program. This is not a course with a fixed plan of activities, our facilitators will create the content based on what you desire to learn, what you worry about or what you want to improve. So let be open, be honest and share with us about you.
  • Pay a fee of 920.000VND (for accommodation, transportation from Hanoi to Ba Vi and back, facilitators, 3 main meals in the program, water, document printing, training materials, stationary). If you apply in a group of 5-10 people, you will get a discount of 10% for each participant (please clearly state that you go with a group in the comment in your application form). For groups of more than 10, please contact us to consider a bigger discount.This fee should be paid via bank transfer or directly in CSDS office no later than 20th of March, 2014. More details will be sent to you via email after you register.
How to apply

Just one more step to join this amazing trip, tell us more about you by filling in the form below. The application will take only 15-30 minutes. All questions need to be answered in English. Now enjoy it!

(Deadline: midnight 17th March, 2014)

1. Personal information

Your full name

Email address

Mobile phone

Year of birth

Skype ID (optional)

Your English level (Please specify if you have an English certificate such as TOEFL or IELTS, otherwise, choose your level among elementary, intermediate, advance)

How did you hear about this program? (optional)

 CSDS fanpage CSDS twitter CSDS website Via your friends Via email Other

2. Have a seat… and be honest with yourself

What did you once want to become? And what has happened to this wish?

What would you rather not tell us about yourself?

3. Be creative

This part is optional. If you feel that words are not enough to show yourselves, and you are way better than that, then don't hesitate to choose a different way to show us who you are. A simple drawing (like some samples that you will see under this application form), an audio file, a video, some pictures, etc - anything you want.

Please upload your file here (should be less than 1Mb), or send us the link to your files or content.

Put your link here:

Hooray, you’re done. Thank you very much for sharing with us. Stay tuned, we will contact soon for the result and maybe for a further interview. If you have any comment or question for us, please leave it here:

Some sample drawings:










Contact person

Nguyen Thu Trang: 0973739074 |

For more information:

Pictures of some programs done by CSDS or EyeOpenerWorks

I Commit 1 training

I Commit

I Commit 1 training

I Commit

I Commit 1 training

I Commit

Leadership training program in Laos - 2013

Leadership training program in Laos – 2013

Most Significant Change methodology in Kibera, the biggest slum in Kenya, organized by OOP - 2012

Most Significant Change methodology in Kibera, the biggest slum in Kenya, organized by EOW – 2012

volunteer, volunteer clubs, youth

The training for Ha Noi Du on 01/12/2013

I Commit 1 training

I Commit – the 2nd training session

IMG_0137 e

I Commit

I Commit

I Commit

I Commit

Knowmads Hanoi Team 1

Knowmads Hanoi Team 1

Knowmads Hanoi Team 1

Knowmads Hanoi Team 1

Knowmads Hanoi Team 1 - Funding workshop

Knowmads Hanoi Team 1 – Funding workshop

Knowmads Hanoi Team 1 with Donkey Bakery - a partner

Knowmads Hanoi Team 1 with Donkey Bakery – a partner

A word from Henrik, the main facilitator and content designer

Many of us have dreams, but struggle to put them in practice. Most participants in our trainings have all these concerns and voices in their head that withhold them from doing what they really want. We are there to support them in listening to those voices and to it anyway.

One story I can share: a few years ago we had a young and rather shy adolescent in our traineeship. Extremely intelligent though, but he struggled with presenting himself. On Saturday evening we did a dancing exercise, he had never danced before. He almost fainted out of fair when he was asked to dance in the middle of the circle. Supported and comforted by the group he did it anyway. He kept on dancing until three o’clock in the morning that night. Soon afterwards he became the president of a new youth organization in The Netherlands, representing them also to a meeting of the United Nations. He’s no longer shy to show himself to the world. I also worked with many students who study something they don’t really like. They are afraid though that their parents will won’t support a change. We support them in creating clarity on what they really want and to ask support

Henrik Looij
Trang Nguyen

Author: Trang Nguyen

Communication officer at CSDS

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