Table for Two fostering development in North Vietnam

‘Table for two’ is a school feeding program run in partnership with Table for Two Vietnam (TFTVN) and CSDS. The overall aim of this project is to provide nutritious daily meals at two different kindergartens in the Van Ho district of Son La province, this is a village almost 200km from Hanoi with over 120,000 residents that belong to 12 different minority groups. The children in the kindergarten come from disadvantaged families in this remote mountainous area of Vietnam. CSDS not only provides education programs and assists in improving infrastructure and sanitation facilities, it also has different initiatives that promote sustainable development. Table for two is an example of one of these initiatives. This project has been in operation since October 2014. The high poverty levels in this particular area mean that there are very low numbers of children attending school. Those who do go to school have little access to adequate resources. This increases the vulnerability of the entire community. Table for two has so far resulted in the increase of numbers of children attending school in order to avail of the meals and this also has added benefits to the entire community as parents see how important it is for the children, and therefore they also encourage the children to go to school. This in turn is hugely beneficial to the entire community as adequate nutrition and education helps to raise vulnerable ethnic minorities out of poverty.


Author: Lien Quan

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