“I Commit” Team 3 – Recruitment

I Commit” is a program implemented by CSDS (Vietnam) and a group of international and local trainers.   The program aims to educate change makers in Vietnam.  After the implementation of two previous successful programs (“I Commit” Team 1 – 7/2013 – 3/2014 and “I Commit: Team 2 – 03/2014 – 08/2014), “I Commit” will continue to recruit new members for “I Commit” Team 3. The training this year is in the frame of project “Youth Drivers for Change” implemented by CSDS and funded by Irish Aid.

05 projects have been initiated and being developed by I Commit members:

  • Full Hanoi – Bring more food to poor people in Hanoi with the support of restaurants, businesses
  • Tottochan Project – Build a learning environment like Tottochan’s school
  • Pioneer Fish – Provide career orientation and soft skill training for students
  • White Team – Collect white uniforms in Hanoi to bring to poor children in mountainous areas.
  • Grow Up – Develop English communication skills and cross-cutural understandings

Training time and venue: 02/01 – 04/01/2015 in Thai Nguyen province



This training program has two objectives:

-     It is a process that helps young people to understand themselves, recognize their values and impart these values to the society through initiating community projects;

-     It produces a pool of local skilled people who will have the ability to coach and provide training to other groups.



  1. Personal growth.

“Who do Ireally want to be?”

The participants commit to participate in three training sessions over a 4 month period. Each training sessions lasts 2 – 3 days. The training will start your journey to discover yourself and your wishes.


  1. Creating impact:

“How I want the world to be?”

The participants will form groups and commit to bringing the impact of this training to the community through initiating their own project for the training period.
Each group has an experienced coach who provides on-going support and guidance to enable the participants to achieve results through their projects.

  1. Train-the-trainer:

Before the program commences, a number of people will be selected to become coaches and trainers.  

During the program the coaches and trainers from the Netherlands will train this group of local coaches/ trainers. They will focus on the skills the Vietnamese team need to being able to conduct the program independently. The trainers will coach during the program by giving feedback, transferring the vision behind the program and by explaining the practical exercises.


As a Participant, you will undertake the “I Commit” training and initiate your own community project.

As a Coach, you will have the chance to coach and mentor others under the supervision and support of trainer.

    1. Selection criteria for “I Commit” Team 3

- Commit to participating in the program, including attending 3 training sessions and implementing a community project. Participants normally spent few hours/week to do implement the project.
- Have passion in personal development, and a desire to be leaders or social innovators
- Want to impart social values within the community
- Good standard of English language proficiency
- Age: 18 – 26 years old


    1. Selection criteria to be an “I Commit” Coach/ Trainer  

- Meet all the above criteria for program participants
- Have experience implementing community and social activities
- Possess leadership skills
- Have a passion for teaching others, using a peer education model of training
- Age: 22 – 30 years old


Participants please complete your registration:
- Online Application: Clicking here before 15 pm on 21/12/2014.
- Offline Application: Download here and send the application to huannguyen@csds.vn

(The application form can be filled in either English or Vietnamese)
The interview will take place on 24/12 – 25/12/2014. The results will be announced on 26/12/2014 by email and facebook of CSDS

Person to contact: Mr Huan – Youth Development Project Coordinator, phone: 01693591753; email: huannguyen@csds.vn


CSDS will cover the cost of food, accommodation and transportation from Hanoi to training venue.  

Participants will deposit 500,000. Participants will be refunded after fully participating the program.

Author: Lien Quan

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