[HN] Opportunity for Vietnamese youth in Lotus leadership program

1. Introduction

The Lotus program aims to give the participants tools to change their surroundings. The work helps create a sustainable and more effective group of participants that will work together in unity. They will have ownership in topics like critical thinking, leadership, goal setting, time management and it will make it possible for students to pass on that same knowledge without interference from outsiders. The goal is to empower students to create change with dialogue.
The participants will be given the task of making a project. The project can be anything from strengthening relations and networking skills to making a workshop or another project at the university or high school. This gives true continuity and will improve the students learning curve. They will be able to use the tools they have learned afterward.
It is going to be fun, non-formal education where students will be working as a team but also as individuals.

2. Details of the program

Location: SOCI Hub – 16A Van Minh, Mai Dich, Cau Giay, HN
Important dates:
The participants are required to take part in the 4 following workshops as they attending in the Lotus program:

  • 2 pm – 5.30pm 5th April – Networking and relations skills
  • 2 pm – 5 pm 20th April – Basic project management tools
  • 2 pm – 5 pm 4th May – Storytelling and presentation technique
  • 2 pm – 5 pm 18th May – Last details and presentation

About the trainer:
Soren Martin Nexo has 5 years of experience from the public sector in Denmark in the municipality of Roskilde. His specialty is a technical direction and he does a lot of work supporting the national strategy of digitalisation. Right now he is a student at University College Zeeland and he is studying a Bachelor in Public Administration. He is also politically active in the Danish Union where he helps support Danish workers’ and students rights.
Changes he has made in Denmark:

  • Helped Roskilde with tools to make contact with citizens more effective. Right now they stand as a role model for all the other municipalities in Denmark.
  • Organized a lot of political campaigns.
  • Implemented digital systems that have influenced the work of 2000 workers.

3. Criteria

  • University or high school students that live in Hanoi
  • You want to do a project – this could be a campaign, workshop or something else
  • Good level in English (both writing & speaking)
  • Commit to attend all the workshops and meetings of the program
  • Have a laptop that you can bring with you

4. Benefits

  • Strengthen and try out different project management tools
  • Be able to change your surroundings and community in a positive way
  • Learn how to work together as a team
  • Get a new perspective on leadership
  • Improve English skills
  • Best project will be funded by CSDS

5. Application process

If you are willing to participate in this program you’ll need to fill in an online application. You will get an acceptance email if you are accepted to the course. We will also send emails to people who do not gets accepted.

All the emails will be sent on 31th of March. Accepted participants will have to pay 100.000VND in deposit. The deposit will be refunded when the course is finished provided you do not have any absence from the course.

The application form is here: http://bit.ly/LotusApplication
Note: Have a picture of yourself ready to be uploaded when you are doing your registration

Application deadline: 30th March at 12pm

6. Contact

Email: Mr. Soren Martin Nexo severin190@gmail.com
Ms. Ha Nguyen hanguyen@csds.vn
Phone number: 04 6027 8323 – Ha
Website: http://csds.vn/

7. Organizer

The Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) is a Vietnamese non-governmental organization, focusing on youth and community development as well as international volunteer exchange. Founded in 2009, CSDS develops and implements programs in different areas of the country to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnamese society.

Author: Lien Quan

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