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Methods the matrix tablets of albendazole were subjected to in vitro drug release studies in simulated colonic fluids 4 w v of rat caecal contents obtained after oral treatment of rats for 7 days either with varying doses of metronidazole tinidazole and 1 ml of 2 w v of guar gum or with 1 ml of 2 w v of guar gum alone control study after completing the dissolution study in 0.

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ALBNZA is indicatd th tatmnt cystic hydatid disas th liv, lung, and pitonum, causd by th laval om th dog tapwom, chinococcus ganulosus.

Undiagnosd nuocysticcosis may b uncovd in patints tatd with ALBNZA oth conditions. Patints with pidmiologic actos wha at isk nuocysticcosis should b valuatd pitinitiation thapy.

Polongd us: Albndazol is not gnally usd ov polongd piods tim. I pscibd in this way, qunt whit cll counts and liv unction tsts should b don.

Commnts : -commndd dissminatd inction du t hllm, cuniculi, intstinalis, Plistophoa spcis, Tachiplistophoa spcis, A vsiculaum -commndd intstinal inction du t intstinalis -With umagillin, commndd ocula inction du t hllm, cuniculi, V cona.

Th is nxpinc ovdosag. Gastic lavag may b pomd in th ist twtth hous at ingstion. Nspciic antidot is known.

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