Bright Future for Vietnamese Students

- The Bright Future Fund (BFF) is a scholarship project aiming to ensure that young people in Vietnam are able to access higher education regardless of social status or geographic location in Vietnam. The BFF targets,

  1. High school graduates outside of Hanoi who have passed entrance exams and received an acceptance to a university in Hanoi
  2. Second year university students currently studying at a university in Hanoi

These students demonstrate an inability to pay for the tuition fees and/or cost of living while studying in Hanoi. Additionally, applicants who fall under the following categories will be given priority during the selection process:

  1. Ethnic minorities
  2. Disabled youth
  3. Applicants from remote areas of Vietnam

         The BFF project promotes inclusive education to those truly in need and helps students living in remote/mountainous areas, and disadvantaged students who have passed the entrance exams to university but cannot afford to attend. Scholarship recipients will receive the cost of tuition for one year of studies. The BFF will also provide training, mentorship and ongoing support to ensure the students develop the fundamental skills to prepare for their future careers. This training will raise their awareness of social issues and encourage the students to tackle problems in their communities. The students’ scholarships will be renewed for the four years of their studies if he or she fully meets the Fund’s requirements each year (score record at University, frequency of attending Bright Future Fund events and the improvement in soft skills). The project aims to create an environment where the students can share their experiences and feelings, and reach out for help if needed while they are studying away from home. The BFF project began in 2016 and sent 12 students to university in September 2016. CSDS pays the tuition fees directly to the university. Since September 2016, workshops and training sessions have been held to engage with students and increase their ability to succeed at university. In October, a training on self-confidence and self-awareness was held, and
in November the students attended a training in association with ANZ Bank and FPT University called “Money Minded”. This workshop taught students basic financial literacy and the feedback from that workshop was very positive. On 2nd April 2017, a training on “Communication and Presentation skill” was specially designed for BFF students and it brought in an amazing result. The BFF has seen a huge improvement since the first day they received the scholarship thanks to the skills BFF equipped for them.

Bright Future Fund recipients

Author: Lien Quan

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