‘A Sound Mind in a Sound Body’ Seminar


A Sound Mind in a Sound Body is a long-term project by Wireless asbl under the Youth of Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission in cooperation with partners from Belgium, France, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It proposes an innovative approach to teaching safe sex behaviors and gives voice to young people on an international level, allowing them to take the initiative towards the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

Wireless asbl is a youth organization which promotes the values of international mobility, volunteering, citizenship and participation of youth on an international level. Their project consists of three responsible sex seminars for young people, promotes peer education on health issues on an intercultural scale, and equips young people with necessary knowledge for implementing local initiatives. These seminars are also accompanied by a series of online webinars supported by a professional trainer in this field.

Center for Sustainable Development Studies had the honor to co-host the first seminar of the ‘Sound Mind in a Sound Body’ project that lasted for 15 days (13th – 27th April, 2016), took place in Hanoi, Vietnam, and welcomed 18 international participants (3 participants per country) plus several local experts. Over 20 training sessions spanned over the period of two weeks included topics such as ‘Biology HIV’, ‘Use of condom’, ‘At risk situation’, or ‘Talk show with sex worker and LGBT’. The group also successfully conducted an intervention with 70 students from the Lomoloxop Highschool on the 25th April as indicated by the positive feedback from all audiences.


Author: Lien Quan

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