A letter from Scotland

Louise Sutherland is a volunteer from Scotland who spent three weeks in May in Vietnam teaching English for primary school children. Being able to understand English language could give them a better chance of a future out of poverty. But she felt that she would like to do even more, so she set up a fundraising page to raise some money that could be spent towards the specific needs of the schools and children.

“Thanks to generosity of my family, friends and colleagues, I have been able to allocate the money raised to help 63 children in Vietnam. The funds have been split between two schools as follows:

At the school where I am teaching, there are 10 children who have lost their parent(s) or whose mother/father are terminally ill. As consequence, they are very poor. For these children, I have bought them all a school uniform and pair of shoes.

The rest of the money has gone to help 53 children in a village in region of Moc Chau which is inhabited by ethnic minority people (mainly black H’mong). The people there live in wooden huts and are really poor. Many of the children do not go to school as they have to help their parents to look after farm animals or working of fields. There are 53 children in village (kindergarten and primary age) so we have bought a pair of shoes and school bag for each child. In addition, to enable sustainable development, I have also bought a swing and see-saw to allow children a place to play outside the school. I would like to say huge thank you to everyone who have supported this cause.

Without your donations, this would have never been possible. Special thanks also to my new Vietnamese friends who have helped me to buy all of these things for children.”

Trang Nguyen

Author: Trang Nguyen

Communication officer at CSDS

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